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Head over Heels

Sunny's EarsSunny Stephens is a 13 year old girl with all the problems of being a teenager. In addition, she can't hear. But she thinks all her dreams have come true when she finds a stray dog to be her 'ears'. After proving her new friend is clever enough to be trained as a hearing dog, Sunny eventually persuades her parents to let him join the family. But she is devastated to learn that hearing dogs are never given to anyone under 18 ...

Starring Pascale Blackburn, Jocelyn Barker, Christopher Walker and Harley the dog, Sunny's Ears was produced by Film and General for Carlton TV. Executive Producers Michael Forte, Davina Belling and Clive Parsons; created by Guy Slater; written by Graham Alborough; produced by Gillian Gordon; directed by Jane Prowse. 

The series won 'Best Children's Drama' at the Royal Society of Television Awards.

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